Geocaching Live API Limits

The Geocaching Live API allows users to directly access the database while adhering to their Terms Of Use (TOU). Groundspeak (owners of has decided to impose some limitations on the amount of data its members can retrieve through the API, with the greatest restriction on Basic Members … see their Knowledge Book on the subject.

Basic Member Restrictions

The most crippling limit placed on Basic Members is the ability to only download detailed cache information for up to 3 caches per day!!! Additionally, searches will only return Traditional type caches. Summary information for additional caches (up to the limits described below) and all trackables and logging functionality are fully available to Basic Members.

If you are a casual cacher, finding only a few caches per week, a Basic geocaching membership may be all that you need; however, to take full advantage of the API's instant access to detailed cache data, a Premium membership is recommended.

Please note: There are no added limitations within Neongeo based on your membership level. You have full access to all parts/features of the app; however, some functions may not be useful to Basic members who do not have access to Premium Member features (e.g. Pocket Queries).

Additional API Restictions

There are additional limits placed by Groundspeak for all API users, although with normal use they are not likely to become a problem. These have not been confirmed from an official source, but have been gathered from various forum threads:

  • 2,000 caches per hour
  • 10,000 summary caches per day
  • 6,000 detailed caches per day
  • 30 API calls per minute (status checks, fetch logs, publish logs, fav points, etc)
  • Max of 30 logs per cache
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