Using Waypoints

This feature allows you to create new waypoints using the map view in Neongeo. This allows you to mark things like where you parked your car, rest facilities, dangerous areas, or stages of a multicache.

Creating a Waypoint (POI)

To create a new Waypoint in Neongeo, go to the home screen and select Map. If you wish to create a waypoint at a specific place you can see on the map, move the map to that area, and press and hold that point on your device's screen. If you wish to type in coordinates (for the next stage of a multicache, for example), press and hold anywhere on the map that does not have an icon. A menu will pop up with two options: Add POI and Navigate to. Click “Add POI” and you will be taken to the “Add/Edit POI” page.

Add/Edit POI page

On this page you will enter the information for the waypoint.

  • Name - Enter the name of the POI here. Choose something helpful, as this name will appear both on the map and in the POI list.
  • Comments - place any other information about the POI that you would like to remember here.
  • Latitude and Longitude - the coordinates of your waypoint. This page starts with the coordinates of the place you selected on the map.
  • Use GPS Position checkbox - when you check this box, the Latitude and Longitude will be updated with your current GPS coordinates.
  • Distance and Bearing - allows you to project a waypoint from the coordinates. Instead of the waypoint appearing at the coordinates you enter, it will be created at the distance and bearing you specify here. Note the possible units for distance are: feet 'ft', miles 'mi', meters 'm', kilometers 'km'.

When you click OK, your waypoint will be created and you can set it as a target like any regular cache.


Creating a Parking Coordinate

You want to create a waypoint so that you can find your parked car on the map. Begin by standing next to your car. Press and hold an empty space on the map screen, then select Add/Edit POI. Enter “Car” in the Name field, and check the Use GPS Position box. Click “Ok”, and you are finished. You can go to the list of caches and select the “POI” tab, and you will see “Car” on the list. It will also appear as a red reticle symbol on the map.

Entering a Multicache Stage

You want to enter the coordinates of the next stage in a multicache. Press and hold an empty space on the map screen, and select Add/Edit POI. Enter something helpful for the Name, like “GC12345 Stage 2”. Edit the coordinates in the Longitude and Latitude boxes, then click “Ok”. You will see “GC12345 Stage 2” on the map and in the "POI" tab.

Projecting a Waypoint

You want to create a waypoint that is 312 feet (or miles/meters/kilometers) from your current position, at a bearing of 171 degrees. Press and hold an empty space on the map screen, and select Add/Edit POI. Enter something helpful for the name, like “GC12345 Projected”. Check the Use GPS Position box to fill in your current coordinates, and enter “312 ft” (or 312 mi/m/km) in the Distance box. Enter 171 in the bearing box, and click “Ok”. You will find your new waypoint on the map and POI list.

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